About us

Venezuela Children's Foundation, INC

We are Venezuelan Americans who want to assist the disadvantaged children in Venezuela. We want to help as many children as we can.

Mission Statement

We believe that every child is special and has a right to basic medical care and nutrition. For that reason, we strive to improve the well-being of the disadvantaged Venezuelan children who today are living in very desperate circumstances. We propose to raise resources to provide for food, medical, and educational assistance to give these children an opportunity for a full life. We will solicit resources from individuals and corporate/charitable organizations to support this effort to provide assistance in a professional and transparent way.

To offer disadvantaged children in Venezuela the opportunity to grow with a healthy body, mind, and spirit so that they may realize their full potential.

To help as many disadvantaged Venezuelan children as possible, bringing health, love, and hope to the many Venezuelan children whose lives are negatively affected by current circumstances.

Transparency in all we do from fund raising to distribution.

Honesty and professional responsibility when dealing with all those who work with us. 

Compassion and love as we assist those less fortunate.

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Become a Volunteer and help us deliver resources to Venezuelan children.